PowerFlue Chimney Exhaust Fan


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Guaranteed to cure smoking chimneys. Makes lighting stoves quick, easy and smoke free.

PowerFlue Chimney Exhaust Fans for Open Fireplaces and closed solid fuel appliances up to 25-50kw.

Designed and manufactured in the UK. The spigot is bolted to the underside of the fan unit.

The spigot (approximately 6”-15cm long) goes down inside the chimney holding it in place.

230 volt models are supplied with 20 metres of 3-core cable and a fan speed control.

Simple and fast to install.

Additional information

Fireplace Type

Open Fireplace, Solid Fuel, Wood Stoves


10" (250mm), 6.8" (150mm), 6" (125mm), 7" (175mm), 8" (200mm), 9" (225mm)

Chimney Type

Insulated, Pot, Stack


EU 220v, UK 230v, US 110v


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